Dan Levitt

CHE, Executive Director
Tabor Home Society (Canada)
International Speaker Dan Levitt is an acclaimed international speaker, elder care leader, writer, and gerontologist, specializing in helping others to create better lives for seniors. Dan’s purpose is to teach millions of people how to transform the lives of older adults across the globe. As a popular professional speaker, he has delivered inspiring keynote speeches impacting thousands of people on four continents. Dan doesn’t tell people where to go but guides them in the direction of where they need to go. His talks leave the audience with a new mindset on aging needed to thrive in the 21st century. Elder Care Leader Dan Levitt shepherds the enhancement of social, spiritual and care needs for more than 300 seniors, inspiring a team of over 400 employees and volunteers with a commitment to continuously improving the quality of life. Dan is an Adjunct Professor in Gerontology teaching Long Term Care Leadership at Simon Fraser University. Adventurer Dan’s adventure exploits have taken him from Africa’s highest peak Mt. Kilimanjaro to the Caribbean Sea’s coral reefs, from canoeing across the Yukon to racing in the Boston and New York Marathons.

9:10 AM INTERNATIONAL KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: Rethinking Aging: Not the Nursing Home Grandma Lives In

Challenging societal attitudes toward aging by introducing a new approach residential living is creatively meeting changing consumer demands and expectations while also remaining competitive. More than ever before, the aged care sector must innovate and change their ways to adapt to the ever-evolving environment, with a focus on:
  • Rethinking aging from practical examples that challenge the current perceptions of elderhood
  • Recognising that getting outside of your comfort zone presents opportunities for growth and development
  • Understanding that culture change requires insight from the lessons learned by others who have been successful
  • Making changes that have a positive impact in work and life

9:00 AM Global Trends in Aged Care and What We Can Learn from the Aging World

The world is moving from “sick care” to “healthcare” and the market is growing as nations are greying faster. This trend has the made the aged care market one of the most challenging and attractive markets in the world.
This interactive workshop will cover case studies from super aging nations like Sicily and Japan and incorporate group activities and tangible examples that participants can apply to their own scenarios and organisation.

Learning outcomes include:
  • Discuss innovative strategies for creating a community that is senior-friendly
  • Explore how we can work more closely with the Government and citizens to re-shift people’s mindsets around priorities and better allocate resources
  • Learn how to build a culture of change amongst staff who strives for the enhancement of quality care
  • Explore with practical exercises how you can create and foster this environment and culture in your organisation?