Helen L’Orange

Waverton Hub Board

11:30 AM The Waverton Hub - Challenging our Perceptions of Ageing: An Innovative Model Adapted from the USA Villages Movement


3:40 PM The Waverton Hub – I belong – Innovative Model Up and Running

Established in 2013 The Waverton Hub is the first of its kind in Australia. It operates as a mutual with 80 of the 300 members doing the work of organising activities (15 per week) to help us stay physically and mentally healthy ,and mobile in our own homes. Belonging helps overcome social isolation.

Key takeaways:
  • What are the opportunities for partnerships between providers and Hubs?
  • How could Waverton Model enhance your services?
  • Waverton Hub model addresses social isolation well- what are the implications for Hub and provider partnerships?
  • Hub members may become purchasing groups. How would providers respond to that?
  • How does Waverton Hub model fit with government policy framework of consumer directed care?