Jennene Buckley

Chief Executive Officer
Feros Care

10:10 AM The Role of Senior Leaders in Aged Care

The aged care sector across the globe has transformed dramatically as people live longer lives but develop more chronic and complex conditions. Notwithstanding the impact of digitisation, aged care has become increasing consumer-centric as Stage 1 of the CDC reform in home care recently enacted. Now, it is not about us predicting what consumers want but rather it is about us asking consumers what they want.
Discussion points will include:
  • Recent CDC reform in home care – are we ready for what’s next?
  • The role of leadership in leading a culture for change
  • Re-branding and techniques for differentiation: how do you maintain your dominance in your sector
  • What does that digital economy contribute and how does this impact your sustainability?
  • Supporting and leveraging new technologies in aged care, including data analytics and cloud systems


4:20 PM CASE STUDY: Preparing Your Workforce of the Future – The 4 “W’s” and The Role of Culture

With 40% of jobs expected to become obsolete over the next decade, Feros Care has been thinking outside the box when it comes to workforce reform and their culture. With 5 generations already working together and 34 languages being exchanged among their 650 employees, Feros Care is keenly aware of the need to understand their workforce demographics, design a plan for the future and develop a culture that meets current and future needs and expectations.
  • In the next 10-15 years, what will our workforce look like?
  • The 4 “W’s” when assessing your workforce and skill sets: Who will make up your workforce; What jobs will be relevant; Where will people work; and When do people prefer to work?
  • Culture is the fabric of everything that you do – how to align people to overall business strategy, how to create and support an adaptable and flexible workforce, and how to attract, retain and inspire younger generations to work in aged care
  • Implications of technology on the workforce environment