Samuel Murray

Organisational Lead - Practice and Support

11:30 AM CASE STUDY: “Understanding the Power of Language: It’s not just what we say, but it’s also what others may think when we say it”


3:50 PM Leveraging the Power of Language in Deliver Personalised Services for Aging and Residential Communities

Language has the power to create a culture (both positively and negatively), so we need to consciously understand what we say, when we say it, and what others may think and do in
response. Using residential aged care as the setting, this session will explore the impact you can have when you reconsider what you say and when.

10:10 AM PANEL DISCUSSION: Innovation in Procurement – Changing the Way We Deliver and Satisfy Consumers

Even in a sector as buoyant as Aged Care, there is always pressure to do more with less. Whether the main driver is increased profitability or making budgets go further, effective procurement will deliver outstanding results. Aged care procurement has become heavily consumer-centric and those organisations who are ahead of their competitors in adopting professional procurement practices are gaining a significant competitive advantage.

Discussion points will include:
  • The impact of recent aged care reforms on procurement
  • We must ask ourselves: how are consumers procuring their services? The focus is less so on clinical procurement as consumers become spoilt for choice
  • Innovative strategies for changing the way we deliver and satisfy consumers
  • Implementing eProcurement for efficiency and innovation
  • Minimising operational, financial and resident safety risks associated with procurement