Stephen Thomas

General Manager Quality & Innovation

11:30 AM From Bed to Board - Establishing a Clear Governance Line of Sight to Ensure that the Board and Management Have Confidence In Compliance

2:50 PM CASE STUDY: Mind the Gap – Bridging the Gap Between Expectation and Satisfaction

There is no single recognised industry framework for capturing quantitative data related to customer satisfaction in Health, Aged or Community Care.
This inspired Jewish Care in 2013 to develop an innovative survey methodology. Conventional surveys only question satisfaction levels of clients, thereby missing an essential element:
What do clients expect?

Stephen will discuss how to:
  • Introduce a revised survey methodology
  • Determine the gap between expectation and satisfaction
  • Show how findings can be reported in a meaningful way (EXSAT Grid©.)
  • Demonstrate how findings can inform and measure in broad terms ongoing continuous improvement activities toward what is important to clients